Zacarias 1925 + Garapata launch special collaboration
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If you go out a lot in Manila’s fashion, art, and club scene, you’re bound to bump into Dex Fernandez, the interdisciplinary artist who created the iconic Garapata or fictional character inspired by fleas Dex remembers from his childhood.

Dex Fernandez and Garapata

You can spot Dex’s garapatas on tote bags, stickers, even the facade of Cubao’s underground club Today x Future.

Today x Future

Yesterday marked a milestone in Garapata’s history as it launched a very special collaboration with Rita Nazareno of Zacarias 1925, known for artsy handwoven bags.

Zacarias 1925 x Garapata

The collaboration was a long time coming, said Rita, who is Artistic Director of Zacarias 1925.
“Dex and I have been bumping into each other at shows around town in the last few years and have always said we should do something together. Last year, we finally set a date for him to visit the workshop. He came and met our fantastic weavers, and we started working on some things right there and then,” Rita said.

Zacarias 1925 x Garapata

The Zacarias 1925 + Garapata collaboration consists of numbered limited edition pieces: there are three bag designs and four objects. Each design only has 10 pieces. Plus, there’s a unique a six-foot woven Garapata desk.

Zacarias 1925 x Garapata

The bags are called Cylinder Zacarapata, Bucket Zacarapata, and Payat Portfolio Zacarapata. Each one costs Php 18,000.


The four objects are Bola Bola Zacarapata (Php 24,000), Pyramid Zacarapata (Php 18,000), Sheep Zacarapata (Php 18,000) and Loaf Bread Zacarapata (Php 18,000).

Zacarias 1925 x Garapata

The Gigante Zacarapata is a one-of-a-kind standalone art piece/desk is priced at Php 280,000.

Zacarias 1925 x Garapata
Zacarias 1925 x Garapata

“I think there is a certain wit in what we both do and that worked well together,” Rita said.
The collection is available at Aphro, The Alley at Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Chino Roces Ave. Extension, Makati City.

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