Your kids will break your stuff
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I have no idea if my kids read my blog. I know they follow me on Instagram to make sure I don’t post their photos, but not sure about this site.
Blogging isn’t as popular since Instagram happened.

Again, I seem to have given birth to myself.
My dad hardly ever got mad at me. The few times he did, it was truly my fault because I plugged my dad’s electronics—which were mostly 110 volts—into 220, thereby destroying them.
Oh, it made him so mad. That’s why to this day I don’t want to buy anything that’s only 110 volts.
I destroyed many of his things.

Your kids will destroy your things.
Oh yes they will.
My son (who shall not be named) was a chubby little baby on my lap who couldn’t even talk when he put his stubby little finger on my Mac keyboard and decided to pull out the letter N.
This was back in 2003….
We were not rich then. I had no choice but to replace the whole keyboard and it cost Php 3500 and it hurt.
Now my son is a teenager and he loves to “borrow” my laptop.
In the beginning he used to actually borrow it, but later on he just assumed I would say yes. He would creep over to my bedside in the dark and ask for my computer. It was hard to say no. Sometimes my laptop would disappear while I was sleeping and I would find it the next day in another room.

So two days ago I found my laptop in the study room, which transported itself while I was sleeping. When I turned it on, the screen was ruined. It had dark vertical stripes on the right, which revealed a crack pattern when pressed down.


I can’t tell you how my heart was broken. So yes, I got mad at him. He claimed innocence and blamed it on the maids. But I blamed him anyway because he didn’t put it back safely on my bedside.
Someone had apparently shut the laptop screen with headphones sandwiched between the screen and the keyboard.
That’s what we concluded when I took it to the shop. I found out a new screen may cost around Php 40,000 to replace. What’s even sadder is the repair will take 3 to 4 weeks.
I decided to buy a new laptop while repairing that one. Cost: Php 107,000—a downgrade from my broken laptop.

So yes, your kids will break your stuff. It will cost money. It will make you mad.
It made me scream louder than my dad ever did. But like my dad I couldn’t stay angry for long. I just couldn’t.
For how can you stay angry when all you can remember are really stubby little fingers?

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