Yellow boats of hope
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This heartwarming video needs to be shared, and my kids need to see this—my kids who love it when classes are suspended when it rains. But who am I to judge them? I also loved class suspensions, even though I felt some guilt for the people who suffer during typhoons.
My maids used to tell me stories how they used to walk for hours just to go to school.

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation started in 2010 with a goal to help children in Brgy. Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City, who had to swim to get to school. Watch this:

Since the first boat was turned over in March 2011, more than 900 yellow boats have been built and donated to bring more children to school. Each boat has the name of the donor painted on the side.
Aside from the yellow boats, the foundation has built day care centers, classrooms, schools, dorms, provided scholarships, school bags and other school supplies, as well as conducted medical and dental missions in 40 communities around the Philippines.

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