Yayas and girly boys: More fun in the Philippines
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While Japan and the United States are obviously richer countries than the Philippines, there are certain privileges we have at home that people have to struggle with abroad.
Like nannies for instance. It’s normal for us Filipinos to have nannies or yayas at home, since the day we were born. You don’t even have to be rich to have a yaya. Some yayas even stay forever, long enough to take care of the babies of their former wards.

In my house we have nannies to pick up the kids from school. We have a cook to prepare our meals and maids to clean the house. It’s completely normal to have these.
But watch how Corinne of the U.S. show, The Bachelor is frowned upon as a spoiled brat or freak because she still has a nanny.


Compared to other countries, I think the Philippines is very gay friendly. We’re pretty used to seeing gay men that nobody really gets their panties in a twist whenever they see girly boys at the mall.
But in some cultures it’s not that easy. Take this “genderless danshi” who says, “For us, our fashion choices aren’t necessarily easy—putting on makeup and picking outfits. To be frank, we are shamed a lot from other people.”
He goes through lengths to say he is heterosexual, while explaining his preference for manicured nails, bobbed hair and cosmetics.
If he were in the Philippines, no explanation necessary.


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