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Our international airport has made it to CNN Go’s Top 5 Most Hated Airports in the World.
I wonder which government will actually fix the problem.
President Aquino, Mar Roxas, Secretary Jimenez, what are your plans?
Can we please have a real press conference, instead of dubious reportage from the Business Mirror?
What’s the real score? Who’s really designing it and when is it going to happen?

NAIA seats

World’s 10 most hated airports

The smelliest toilets, the longest queues, the rudest staff … sometimes air rage feels justified
By Jordan Rane, 9 November, 2011

5.Ninoy Aquino International, Manila, Philippines

Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Wear a helmet — the first collapsed ceiling in 2006 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Beleaguered by ground crew strikes, unkempt conditions, soup kitchen-style lines that feed into more lines and an overall sense of futility, NAIA brings the term “Stuck in the 1970s” to a new level.
At Terminal 1, all non-Philippine Airlines remain crammed despite serious overcapacity issues and a new and underused Terminal 3 is occupied by a few minor carriers.
A rash of bad press this year (including a “Worst in the World” ribbon from Sleeping in Airports) was capped by a collapsed ceiling in T1, a paralyzing ground service strike at T2, and the usual charges of tampered luggage, filthy restrooms, seat shortages at gates, re-sealed water bottles sold in retail shops and an Amazing Race-style check-in routine spiked with bureaucracy, broken escalators, lengthy Dot Matrix passenger lists and creative airport departure fees.

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