Wouldn’t you like to ambush your hater?
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Oh yes, would I like to ambush Piolo’s and KC’s biggest fan, the hairstylist who named her kids Piolo and Jericho in Australia, who gave me grief on Twitter for saying I’m not buying the bromance? No thanks.
Watch as Mario Lopez hosts a new show called H8R (hater), where he takes celebrities face to face with their staunchest haters. Starts September 14th on The CW.
(But ugh, Mario Lopez na naman. I’m so sawa na. And no, I’m not a hater.)

Imagine this scenario. I get invited to the local version of H8R to ambush one of my numerous haters.
So they pick me up in a van and bring me to a restaurant where—surprise!—KC and Piolo are waiting for me!! #award
Then Piolo takes me by the shoulders, looks me in the eye, and utters just one word: “Believe.”

P.S. This reminds me of Ruffa and I and countless other celebrities I’ve attacked in my writings column. I was a hater (emphasis on was). But after I grew up and actually met Ruffa, I became a liker. So yes, I am living proof that there’s hope for us haters.

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