Wish I Maine: Advice for Maine Mendoza
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Dear Maine,
You are currently advertising’s It Girl and everybody loves you.
Since you started showbiz in July 2015, you have risen faster than any Filipina entertainer we know.

Maine Mendoza
Photo: BJ Pascual

As far as endorsements go, you are phenomenal. During the last couple of months you have appeared in no less than six TV commercials, like 555 Sardines

Talk & Text with Alden Richards

Zonrox Bleach

O+ Phone with Wally Bayola

McDonald’s with Alden Richards

Bear Brand Adult Plus with Alden Richards

And counting.
Here’s my advice: Since everybody wants you, you have the power to say no.
Please choose your projects. Please don’t say yes to everything and look like this:

funny ads

funny ads
funny ads
funny ads

Because money isn’t everything. I hope you remain a sweetheart and I hope you keep your dignity intact.

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