Will Coke-sharing can hit the Philippines?
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It’s been two weeks since I last had Coke and I’m hoping never to drink again—mostly to keep my waist and face small.
My love of Coke dates back to my childhood. We always had them in stock at home.
Check out this vintage picture of my mom and grandma (standing 2nd and 3rd from left) and bottles of Coke on the table.

Love the Coke bottles

Back in the ’80s, I remember buying half a can of Coke for 35 cents, which sort of looked like this

Had it again with a yummy bowl of pancit at the Eva Air lounge in Taipei, 2005

I like

These holiday bottles were found in Shimokitaza, Tokyo in 2010

Holiday Coke bottles, Shimokitazawa

The 90-calorie Coke at left is available at S&R Price Club


Now this really kills me: the Coke-sharing can recently introduced “but only for a few markets,” confirms Coke ambassador Adel Tamano.

Coke-sharing can

My guess is, not the Philippines, but Singapore has them!!
Oh well. I’m not supposed to drink anyway.

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