Why the new HSBC Platinum Visa will rock your world
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Not all credit cards are created equal. A quick check inside my wallet shows I have six credit cards (which I always try to pay in full).
I like my Citibank card for its Asia Miles and free movie tickets, and just like the Eastwest card, it has a high credit limit.
I use Diners for groceries and household. Metrobank for the kids.
There are two BDO cards—one I haven’t used and one that’s just for online orders (very convenient!).

My wallet

Recently a lot of local credit card companies have been offering instant rewards, mostly in the form of food and drink.
While these are great, nothing excites me more than a chance to get away—but not just on any airline as I prefer to arrive alive.

HSBC understands that traveling consistently ranks high in people’s dreams and favorite things to do.
But face it, traveling is a luxury for most people. Financial constraints can limit how often we get to hop on a plane and visit our dream destinations.

Enter HSBC’s new Platinum Visa. Through a special tie-in with Cathay Pacific you can get free plane tickets just by using your credit card. And you can fly in confidence, knowing that Cathay Pacific is one of the world’s best and safest airlines.

Cathay Pacific

Here’s the credit card you’ll want to get if you often have high credit card bills + love traveling.


• Now you can get a free round-trip ticket to Hong Kong with five charge slips of at least P10,000 each.
• Show 10 charge slips of at least P10,000 each to get a free round-trip ticket to Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Saigon and other cities.
• With 15 charge slips of at least P10,000 each, HSBC Platinum Visa cardholders can also get free round-trip tickets to other destinations such as the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and the Middle East.

HSBC president and CEO Tony Cripps says HSBC has achieved global and local success “by really listening to our customers and developing products and solutions that address their specific needs. You told us you wanted to travel more; we listened. And we’re particularly proud to partner with Cathay Pacific, the largest foreign airline in the Philippines, to offer great international travel rewards.”

The HSBC boss

If you don’t reach the Php 10,000 purchase, you can still get rewards.
• With five charge slips of at least P3,000 each, HSBC Platinum Visa cardholders get a P1,000 travel gift certificate from Cebu Pacific.
• Charge slips of at least P2,000 each entitle the cardholder to free Starbucks or a P100 gift certificate at either Caltex, SM (including all SM retail affiliates), Chi Spa, Blue Water Day Spa, or Bench Fix Salon.

Terms and conditions apply.
For more information or how to apply for your HSBC Platinum Visa, go to or call 85-800.

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