Why Wells Adams makes us swoon*
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Anyone watching The Bachelorette? I am, and my husband is apalled.
After being married more than 15 years, my dear husband is still discovering things about me that shock him. Three years ago he was surprised to find out I liked chicken curry while waiting at the airport lounge in Singapore. He had never seen me eat curry, much less, enjoy it.

Now he is shocked that I’m watching The Bachelorette because he thinks the show is so dumb. Well it is, and I lovett. 🙂


In it, the bachelorette gets to choose who she wants to end up with among 26 guys. Imagine 26 guys who want to date you and you get to MOMOL who you want.
I only started watching because I ran out of shows to watch. Prior to this I watched The Bachelor for the first time, which made me cringe. The only reason I started watching was because I kept seeing the cringy face of Ben Higgins on this banner ad. So not my type.


But after watching a few episodes, I was hooked. Now I am obsessed and my husband hates it when I watch the show.
The current bachelorette is JoJo Fletcher, who was dumped by Bachelor Ben for another woman in the season finale.
Physically, I think JoJo is cute. But personality wise, I find her so typical (I won’t say the Tagalog word here because I’ll get bashed) and I think she is going to choose the wrong guy which is Jordan.

Jordan Rodgers

She will choose Jordan Rodgers because he is the sterotype American crush—tall, hunky football player with the good hair. Plus, his brother, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a celebrity who is engaged to actress Olivia Munn.
What ambitious American girl wouldn’t be starstruck with that?

Personally, I think she should choose Luke Pell, because they have real chemistry. Please choose Luke!!

Luke Pell

But my personal favorite is who is the only guy I would date on the show and I am swooning as I write this—Adam Pells:
1) Because he looks like a crooner (think Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr.)

Wells Adams

2) Because he’s tall and skinny.
3) He’s one of the few contestants who isn’t a lumbersexual.

4) He brought a barbershop quartet to serenade JoJo on the first night

Wells Adams

5) He hid his body in a suit during the pool party where all the bachelors were showing off pecs. But when he undressed for his pool date with JoJo, his body wasn’t bad at all.

6) Because I love old fashion. He never made a pass of on her and was the last guy to kiss her, and only when she insisted. That’s when she decided they had no chemistry and said goodbye.

My guess is, JoJo was never his type anyway. I was so sad when she dumped him yesterday because he’s out but happy when I found out he will be appearing in another shallow show, the Bachelors in Paradise spinoff in August, so yay!! My husband is going to hate this news.

Meanwhile, I can just stalk him on Twitter and Instagram. #pogi

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*Because JoJo is not his type

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