Why Tagaytay?
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It’s near. I don’t have to buy plane tickets. Unfortunately, no place to stay. Hoping my parents’ very busy designer will find time to renovate the old house.
I love the snuggly weather. I love it when it rains and gets foggy. Because I love the food!
Everyone loves Antonio’s Garden

Antonio's Garden
Fresh mango juice
My steak

But you know what I love more than Antonio’s Garden? Antonio’s Grill.
They have sinigang

Sinigang na baboy at Antonio's Grill, Tagaytay

The best liempo

Inihaw na liempo at Antonio's Grill, Tagaytay

And for the first time ever yesterday, I had the famous sizzling bulalo.


It’s seriously haunting me. I want to go back with my friends. And I want it to be foggy so I can wear a jacket.
Now if only Antonio would open a nice boutique hotel with modern bathrooms, that would be perfect.
The Department of Tourism should seriously give him an award.

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