Why I love Roland Orzabal
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“In college almost everyone had a crush on Curt Smith,” said Dinna Vasquez, as we talked about Tears For Fears over the phone. “But the cool girls, they liked Roland Orzabal.”
That would be me, hehe.

Lots of ’80s bands defined our generation: Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Lotus Eaters, Spandau Ballet, Thompson Twins, The Cure, New Order. But surely, one of the most significant and universally binding would be Tears For Fears—a.k.a. Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal—whose unique sound brings us back to an ’80s time warp, complete with all the angst and emotions of our growing up years.

Tears for Fears

I love the ’80s so much I still dress like it. You could not impress me with your Adeles and Lady Gagas.
I feel privileged to have lived and experienced an era where music and fashion are often copied but never equaled.
Tears for Fears captured our imagination with their hairstyles, the fashion, the music and the dance moves.
Curt Smith (who looks like a spawn of Albert and Liezl Martinez) had the curly bangs and braided tails.

Curt Smith

Roland Orzabal, of Spanish-Basque descent, had the puffy lips, the drooping eyes, and prominent teeth.

Roland Orzabal

Never mind that my friend Jude says Roland looks like Jon Cryer

Roland Orzabal and Jon Cryer

I am dying as I write this when I think about the high-waist pants and the double belt

Tears for Fears

The fact that he can make espadrilles look cool

Tears for Fears

His dummy and the Beatles moptop

Roland Orzabal

and most of all his intense Mad World dance.

That’s why I prefer him to Curt Smith. I am a sucker for the dance moves. Plus @curtsmith is a snubero on Twitter.
I am dying just thinking about it. More on the Tears For Fears concert later, while I get a hold of myself.

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