Why I am backlogged
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I know, I am super backlogged. But when you’re a mom of three boys, time flies like anything.
Last November 2014, Alexandra Seno invited me to Art Basel in Hong Kong.
I had never been to Art Basel so I booked right away for me and my husband Jeroen.
Last March 15-17, Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 opened to the public. But Jeroen and I got VIP preview passes, so we went last March 12-15.

Art Basel 2015

The day before our flight, our son Ben got sick, so we almost didn’t make it. But he pulled through overnight, I hired a nurse to take care of him at home, and Jeroen and made the trip. We checked in at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental.
But while in Hong Kong, I got sick.
When we went back to Manila, the whole house was sick. Yaya had German measles. Christian had an ear infection. Markus had cough and fever. Ben got pneumonia. I was thinking about having the house exorcised.

Kids’ meds

gamot ko
My meds

Mercury Drug receipt
Why Vivian Que Azcona is one of the richest people in the Philippines

We consulted so many doctors—Dr. Carolyn Butler, Dr. Keith Aguilera, Dr. Aye Nuguid, Dr. Gerard Henson. Thanks to all of them, everyone is well now, with Ben just coughing.
And then we had this trip to Japan last week and I had to fix the boys’ wardrobe and the visas of Yaya and Christian.
The whole month was tiring. We are back from our trip and now I have much work to catch up on.
Please bear with me while I get back on my feet.

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