Why catcalling doesn’t bother me (or my husband)
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I would like to apologize to everyone who feels offended by the following entry.
It was meant to be a light piece about turning 50 and invisible not an insult to those who are offended by catcalls. Sorry for those offended by Mr. Duterte’s catcall, but I feel that there are more important issues to tackle such as the killings and cursings which have to stop.

A few years ago, I read an article about a woman who was scared to turn 50 and become invisible. I wondered what that meant.
Google the words “50 + women + invisible” and you’ll see what it means.
Basically when you turn 50, you no longer matter. You don’t turn heads the way you used to when you were young. Nobody checks you out.

“I miss being checked out,” I told Dinna a couple of months ago. And then I went to National Bookstore after a press lunch, I was dressed, blowdried and made up. I swear, one of the stock boys checked me out, greeted me, smiled, and said something nice to me. It felt really good.

These days the only one who tells me I’m cute is my son Ben, 14.
In Tokyo, when I wore my Jil Sander x Uniqlo coat and put the hoodie over my head, my sons Ben and Markus hugged me in the cold and said, “Awww, mommy you look so cute.”

These days the only sexual harassment I get is when Jeroen, my husband of 15 years, grabs my ass in the hallway of our dressing room. I still hate it!
Gone are the days when 17-year-old boylets would pick me up at the meatpacking district in New York, 25 years ago.
The last time a stranger flirted with me was in a Footlocker store in New York 2012 (ask Grace) and nearly at Antique Garage in Soho.

Cecile van Straten

That said, I am turning 50 next year. If anybody catcalls me at this point of time, I would be very grateful. I don’t care if it’s a carpentero, seriously. I would not be offended.
The problem with society, said another blogger, is if Alden Richards catcalls you, it’s flattering. But if an ugly guy does it, it’s sexual harassment.
I asked my husband Jeroen how would he feel if President Duterte catcalled me? He said he would laugh. I would too.

Besides, catcalling is so ’70s. Who the hell does that anymore (aside from Mr. Duterte).
What Justin Trudeau or if Sebastian Duterte catcalled you, would you mind?
I certainly wouldn’t.

Sebastian Duterte

Which reminds me, I have to pay for those Baste T-shirts I ordered from Davao.

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