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Not sure if I’m a typical Assumptionist, but pretty sure I am very Assumption, because surely all the growing up years I spend in that school must’ve imbibed in me something.
I also think I may have been born in the wrong batch because Batch ’86 is way cooler and more up my alley (no offence to my Batch ’84).
I didn’t make it to my own velada for personal reasons. I do regret not having accepted Malu Gamboa’s invitation to attend theirs (my cousin Monette Quiogue was “the brains behind the velada”).
Just check out the opening of the reunion show, which features very vintage Assumption cheers that are cheesy, nostalgic, and fun at the same time.

For more on Assumption Batch ’86 velada, go to

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i miss wearing the plaid uniform. ­čÖé


Reese Magallanes

ms c! check this out..
naalala tuloy kita dahil dun sa blog mo about naia’s comfort room.. hehehe