Who’s Bogart the Explorer?
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When my friend Lia visited this morning, she asked if I had seen Bogart the Explorer on YouTube.
“Is that a dog?” I asked her. The only Bogart I know (besides Humphrey) is Carlos Celdran’s dog.
Bogart the Explorer, says Lia, is the Filipino Crocodile Dundee from Davao who makes videos about all kinds of Filipino species—from the taong grasa to the coño kid.

The first video I saw was too corny for words, about the coño kid. The coño was miscast—doesn’t Bogart know any tisoys? The faux designer bag/prop looked like it was purchased in Quiapo, not Greenhills. The coño forgot to pop his collar, etc.
After watching a couple more videos, about the Philippine Epaloid and the Taong Grasa, I started cracking up with my two sons. I was literally crying with tears, laughing.
I was amazed at Bogart’s Aussie accent, grossed out with his jiggly torso, and wishing he would make an episode about the Philippine Fashion Blogger.
When my Dutch husband came home, I showed him the videos which did not amuse him, so I realized maybe they are funny only for Filipinos. Jeroen thinks they are funny for kids, just like the Annoying Orange videos, which my son loves.
Watch and tell me what you think.
P.S. Please don’t mention the other YouTube “sensation” who makes fun of Filipino accents. I had a Twitter fight with him last week and would rather not discuss. Thank you 🙂

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