Who’s afraid to fly to Hong Kong?
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One of our favourite couples—Darren and Kissa McDermott—recently moved to Hong Kong.


When we found out they were leaving, Jeroen made a plan with his afam* friends to visit Darren.
Well, Hong Kong is on final sale, so I told Jeroen I am tagging along—with my friend Patrice.
I was really looking forward to this trip until planes started falling from the sky—starting with Malaysian Airlines (MH 17) on July 17th, followed by Taiwan’s TransAsia Airways on July 24, and Air Algerie on July 25.
To think Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 hasn’t even been found yet since March 8.

My fear of flying hit the roof two days before our trip. The night before I had no sleep.
It’s also my first time to try Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy. I figured 1.5 hours won’t hurt. Only the food did—an adobo roll that looked kawawa. Not that I eat on the plane anyway.


I kept my eyes on the screen watching the minutes count down and the altitude go up.
I prayed five rosaries and watched an afam next to me praying as well. I’m sure half the plane was scared to fly. I tried to play a few games of Maleficent but it made my heart beat faster.
I had deep conversations with God. Forty five minutes later, I started to think we are going to land safely. And we did!

Hong Kong reunion (L-R): Darren McDermott, Joeri Timp, Joris Spanhoff, Jeroen van Straten, Jasper van den Borne

Also on our flight were my Carlo Tanseco and Chunchi Soler


Victor Basa and Divine Lee—I keep seeing this couple in Hong Kong 🙂


At the airport I kept seeing men in yellow shoes—a sign from God!!

yellow shoes
yellow shoes
yellow shoes

At least one of them was chic

yellow shoes

Actor Lee Min Ho is everywhere!!

lee min ho
lee min ho
Lee Min Ho for Fila

And McDonald’s isn’t selling any patties due to the recent sanitation scandal


I spotted a T-shirt that looks like Andre Chang

Andre Chang tee Andre Chang

Then ended with the best steak and frites in Hong Kong at La Vache with Fed Tan of Social/Capital (L) and JJ Acuña (The Wanderlister)


*A foreigner assigned in Manila

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Kissa and Darren moved to HongKong. Cool. Hope they are well.


Carlos P. Celdran

Oh wow. Darren and Kissa. Hahaha. I had some twitter row with him a year ago. Totally forgot why. Blocked him and forgot. Hope they are doing well… [Reply]CVS Reply:July 31st, 2014 at 11:38 AMlol, Carlos, yes I heard about it. Darren’s cool. I’m sure you would get along in real life 😉 [Reply]Carlos P. Celdran Reply:July 31st, 2014 at 1:05 PMI’m sure we would. As I said, I don’t remember anymore why I got so annoyed. He just caught me at a really bad moment. Oops. Oh well. I’ll buy him a beer the next time I see him.… Read more »