Who wants 11 buckets of KFC?
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I know it’s too late to talk about chicken. But what if you had a bucket of KFC—make that 11 buckets of KFC for you to share and giveaway?
KFC is pleased to announce its sogood, globally aligned 360-degree campaign and tagline—a first in the company’s history—that aims to spread KFC love throughout the world.
After all, the KFC experience has gone from simply “finger-licking good” to the honest and heartfelt “sogood” after the launch of other delicious products like Twisters, Krushers, and more.

Sogood Bucket poster

What makes KFC sogood?
Chicken is delivered fresh everyday. Prepared in-store with passion and care, your taste buds will rejoice in its pressure-cooked tenderness, seasoned with 11 secret herbs and spices and served with its original recipe gravy.
However way you put it, the perfect combination of flavor, quality and technique makes KFC truly world-famous.
Sogood, it can only get better!

Here’s the sogood promo from KFC.
1) Promo runs from June 24 to July 8, 2011.
2) Think about 11 people in the Philippines you would like to give a KFC bucket to make them feel sogood. (Take note we cannot deliver to far-flung places that has no KFC store in the vicinity, even though there are more than 200 branches nationwide.)
3) Tell us who and why. Answers must be creative and emailed to with the subject: sogood.
4) One winner will be announced after July 8, 2011 and all 11 buckets will be delivered to his/her friends/family.
(Take note that I am not the judge, so anyone can join, even if you have seen me in pajamas.)

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