Who needs a telephone directory?
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When Ben was little he asked me: “Mommy, when you were young, did you write with a feather?”

Quill etc

“No, Ben. I am not that old.”
“Mommy, when you were young was the world black and white?”

Hemady kids
Me in white shoes

“No, Ben. The world was in colour. Only films were black and white. Camera films.”
“What’s film Mommy?”

My dear Ben, since you were born the following things have become obsolete:
1) Magnolia Chocolait in bottles


2) Aquanet


3) Encyclopedia Britannica


4) Sony Walkman


5) Sony Betamax


6) Floppy disks

floppy disk

7) EasyCall


8) Laserdisc


And so on. That’s why it boggles my mind why I received this package yesterday from PLDT: a freaking set of yellow and white pages!


Like seriously, if I want a phone number of a restaurant or supplier I can Google it.
I’m really shocked that these heavy waste of space and paper are still being published today.
I’m just putting it out there because people have to realise that these books will end up in the school’s newspaper drive. Let’s put an end to phone directories please. I don’t want to receive them. Please don’t send them to me. Thank you!

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