Where to get the best Cebu lechon in Manila
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It’s hard to top Genevieve Hing’s lechon.
The first time I tried it was at Jappy Gonzalez’s place in 2007, and of course I got the number.

Carla eats pork
Carla Sibal likes it too

Seven years later, this is the only lechon we order at home.
What makes it different from other lechons is it doesn’t need any sauce. The skin is salty, crispy, and for someone who doesn’t normally eat lechon meat, I’m a fan.

Abub’s Cebuana Native Lechon

The color is much different from other oily-skinned orange-toned lechons. This one is matte-colored and more natural-looking. My favourite part is wherever it is bubbly. That tells me it’s the crunchiest part.

Abub’s Cebuana Native Lechon

Genevieve Hing started Abub’s Cebuana Native Lechon in December 2002.
In the beginning, she used the fly in lechons daily from Cebu. Now she has her own commissary in Kalawaan, Pasig that is manned by expert Cebuano lechon cooks.
Using a proven technique, the pigs are prepared with a tried and tested Cebu lechon recipe and roasted in a cemented roasting pit with charcoal.
It is very hard to top this pig!

Cebu lechon

Order at least two days in advance through the following numbers:
(02) 634-0788
(02) 687-5550
(0917) 828-8080
(0922) 818-8080

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.16.03 PM
*Add Php 400 for spicy

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I love lechon, but i can’t stop my body clock from ticking, so i’d be an OCD every time i partake lechon, i will scrape out the fat on the skin, yes all of it, leaving me with just the skin, that crunchy yummy pig’s skin, then ill eat the meat but ill choose where the meat will be coming from, it must be on the loin area, where there’s no fat or the ribs minus layer of white fat. i’d do this technique even with peking duck, we were in beijing years back and we will have a sumptuous… Read more »


Have eaten this lechon a few times and it is really good! I also love the lechon with truffle rice inside, different supplier though.


Olga C. Paguio

Perfect for the holidays! Nakakatakam.



They dont deliver, so I would drive all the way from Las Pinas to Pasig on New Year’s eve (or whenever there’s a family occasion) just to pick up lechon from their commissary. We’ve been ordering from them for years. [Reply]CVS Reply:December 10th, 2014 at 10:39 AMthey don’t deliver only on Christmas and New Year because the lechon will get soft. they deliver the rest of the year though 🙂 [Reply]esjei Reply:January 1st, 2015 at 10:40 AMSince i’ve tried zubuchon in cebu medyo naging picky na ako sa lechon. Then came holiday searched for the best lechon in metro. and… Read more »


gaahh na-excite pa naman ako for Christmas then I saw your comment. I’m from LP too. tsk… medyo malayo!


Jay Lozada

Ooohhh… Sarap naman ng lechon.