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As some of my friends go into their 50s, out come the reading glasses.
I remember my former friend telling us, “One day you just suddenly go blind, as in you can’t read. It just happens overnight.”
I gave him that quizzical look and thought, it can’t happen to me. I had LASIK. I have like 20-15 vision (more than perfect).
And then this year I noticed I had difficulty with the tweezers. At first I thought it must be the nighttime. I should tweeze in the day time.

Then two days ago I tried to read the fine print on a medicine bottle and suddenly felt blind!!
Oh my God!! It’s that day frienemy was talking about!! I am officially OLD!!
How strange because I still have perfect vision. I can read everything from a safe distance, but I can’t read fine print on a medicine bottle.
Will I turned into one of those people who whip out the glasses to read a menu or even look at an iPad?

So the first thing I did was Google “cool reading glasses” and found the site of Filao Paris.
I seem to remember having seen these glasses in Tokyo with my mom.
By coincidence my cousin Jenny tweeted this the day after I discovered I was blind.

Good to know I’m not alone.
I promised Jenny I would blog it, so here are the glasses:


The nearest shop is at Victoria Optical at the Peninsula Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
So Jenny, shall we?
To know more, go to

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