Where have all the lychees gone?
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It’s been almost 1.5 years since I last had fresh lychees.
I bought these in Singapore last December 2011.

Australian lychees

They were so expensive. And perfect.

Australian lychees

Since then I’ve been searching for fresh lychees in Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore and have not found any.
I remember many years ago, Mich Dulce and I were in Hong Kong. She bought fresh lychees on the street and was savoring them in the hotel room. Now even in Hong Kong I can’t find lychees anymore.
Where have they all gone?

Health benefits of lychees:
• According to a Chinese book, the nature of the flesh of the lychee is warm and can help improve the blood.
• The Chinese believe lychee has the ability to relieve pain and shrink swollen glands.
• Studies conclude that lychee prevents the growth of cancer cells. Flavonoids found in the lychee fruit pulp were found to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and appeared to be especially effective against breast cancer.
• Lychee is a rich source of Vitamin C and can benefit those suffering from colds, fever and sore throat.

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