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Up until a recent Céleteque event at SM Makati, I used to think Céleteque was a foreign skincare brand.
Must be the name and simple packaging.

Céleteque Facial Wash
Photo: Sasha Manuel

I first heard about Celeteque when my dermatologist recommended to me. I was surprised to find out it comes from Unilab, a local company of healthcare products.

In 2002, Celeteque started in a small division in Unilab with only two products: a facial wash and a moisturizer. The products were well received by consumers that they eventually expanded the line to nine products. This year, Unilab launches Celeteque Dermoscience with 26 different products under six distinct color-coded skincare lines, co-developed with top dermatologists to answer different skin care needs. Besides the color-coding, packaging is kept simple and modern with a clinical feel.

The Hydration line is blue—designed to restore skin’s healthy suppleness

Acne Solutions is green—to effectively control excess sebum and clarify acne
Brightening products are pink— targets melanin concentration and evens out skin tone


Sun Care is yellow—provides daily protection from UVA/UVB rays with a broad spectrum coverage

Advanced Anti-Aging is purple—to erase fine lines and wrinkes


Restorative is maroon—designed to lift and refirm loose, sagging, aged skin

During the launch hosted by Angel Jacob, beauty editors, broadcast and print media, plus a ton of bloggers were invited to go around, test the products and ask questions to Céleteque skincare experts.

Aerial View


A skin analysis machine allowed them to identify their skin type and the suggested Celeteque regimen to address their skin concerns.  The highlight of the launch was the extra-heavy (read: bonggang-bongga) swag bag everyone got to take home containing the entire product range.  You can guess that everyone who went there came home happy.

The Celeteque, Watsons and Unilab Distribution Team

The complete line of Celeteque DermoScience is available now at Watsons stores and SM Department Store’s Beauty Section.
Watch this blog for your chance to take home your swag bag very soon!

Céleteque bag

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