Whatever happened to just saying ‘sorry, I was wrong’?
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Somebody close to this guy told me how truly hollow his life is at the end of the day.
How depressive and lonely he is when he’s all alone, how he calls and bothers people in the middle of the night to come over and talk to him. And they do, because he’s Willie Revillame.
Then why so sad? Is it because it’s lonely at the top? Is it because everyday somebody will bug him for money, which can be quite exhausting? Is it because he doesn’t know who his true friends are?
I have to say I really didn’t expect this to happen.
While I hate what he did to that boy, our household help really enjoys his show, especially when he gives away houses and money.
I just really thought he might humble himself and say sorry for what happened.
But what he does next is to dig his grave deeper and deeper. I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to end it all.
I was on my way to a wake tonight when I received the news that Willie’s threatening to leave his show again. But instead of being humble about it, he continued to brag about his “charities” and rant about his celebrity critics, his former network, and the sponsors that are backing out on him.
I have not seen the videos yet because it is 25 minutes long and I just got home, but watch with me and tell me what you’re thinking.

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