What is deliciously frivolous and creepy?
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Mich Dulce presents her AW 2012 millinery collection in a short film directed by Jason Tan, featuring Manila’s current It Girl, Georgina Wilson.
Mich explains the theme behind her unabashedly feminine and frivolous collection. It was inspired by Marie Antoinette, who became a symbol of the shameless frivolity of a dying regime.
“Today, we live in an age where femininity is a luxury, and being girly is almost trivial and superficial. I just think we all deserve to play and be who we dreamed of being when we were eight, and this collection is about doing just that,” says Mich.

Georgina Wilson

Like her previous collection, Mich continues to work with traditional hand-woven Filipino fabrics like T’nalak. The sustainable material is molded into exaggerated bows and ruffled berets. Piña fabric is introduced this season, adding another element of softness through veils and ruffles while preserving the fiber’s edges. The result is a collection that is doll-like, sweet yet slightly sinister.

Dulce’s designs are known for its overt romanticism and high drama. They are objects that not only speak of luxury but rather demand it as an entire lifestyle.
In Dreams You Are indulges in the reverie of pomp and circumstance, of rakish regality, and the decadent dandy. It refuses to simply grow up and is adamant of going to bed with a hat on.

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