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As a judge of the Globe Tatt Awards, I had to be at The Peninsula Manila’s Salon de Ning at 6 PM.
But knowing how these things work, I left my house at 6:30 and followed the proceedings on Twitter.
Luckily traffic wasn’t a bitch and I arrived in good time.


Since almost everyone was a blogger, there were so many cameras. As you know, I dislike being photographed so I squeezed in the back with Carlos Celdran and Rajo Laurel (nominees both) and Victor Basa.


Starvation 2011! Victor was kind enough to steal me a hakaw 🙂


Spotted: Blast from the past, Jeje Santos of Giniling Festival! Yes, Jeje was around long before the jejemon came into existence.


Nominees Bianca Gonzalez and Laureen Uy with Liz Uy

Bianca Gonzalez, Laureen Uy, Liz Uy

While judges were being announced, I was hanging out with Matt Gozun and Jake Galvez of Becky Nights.


Then Gang Badoy’s name was called. I overheard Jake Galvez say, “What’s Gang Badoy?”
Matt Gozun answers, “Tao yon, sis.”
I was cracking up when they called me to announce the nominees for the Stylista category.
After this I went back to Matt and said, “Nakakatawa si Jake. Hindi niya talaga alam kung sino si Gang Badoy.”
Matt says: “Is he here na ba?”
Me: “Anong he?? SHE!!”
Yes folks, Gang Badoy is a woman and I quote:

Gang Badoy

Luckily Gang arrived shortly after and got to meet Matt Gozun (L) and Jake Galvez (R). So yes, she is a tao, and a woman at that. 🙂


After the program I was looking for Ginggay and found her at The Bar with Robby Carmona (L) and Divine Lee (R).


I spotted an apostle-looking guy across the room and was told he was from Korn.


To be honest, I don’t know Korn from Asin. But the blogger/loser/poser in me just had to take a picture.


There was a dude with him, so kakahiya naman. Take 2.


Siempre, join na rin si Ginggay, so Take 3.


Just then my son called from home and said he needed to bring an apple to school tomorrow. But where to get an apple at this ungodly hour?
Carlos Celdran suggested calling Mariano Garchitorena or checking out the hotel’s Fitness Center where they may have complimentary bottled water and fruits.
But I had another plan. I dragged Ginggay to the Escolta buffet.
“Why are we going?” she asked.
“I need an apple for Ben’s homework. He needs it for school tomorrow.”
“Anong balak mo?”
“Kukuha ako.”
“As in ipapasok mo sa bag mo?”
“Kind of.”
Ginggay looked doubtful. We entered Escolta and I immediately saw this container of fruits.
“Ayun, Ginggay. Ayun!”


Ginggay: “Teka, teka, teka.”
Me: “I just need one apple. One apple.”
Ginggay: “Can I just call Stephanie Chong? Let’s do this right OK?”
Me: “Fine. Me I’m gonna look inside.”
I wanted to look for someone I knew who could get me an apple from the buffet table. Surely there must be someone I know….
And I found one! Just when Ginggay had Steffie on the phone. We didn’t steal it!


So thank you Manila Pen, I can become a good mommy.
Love, Ben


P.S. I’m so glad I am a judge and not a nominee because online voting/campaigning stresses me. (Thank you Globe!!)
So while waiting for official event photos, find out who’s nominated and start voting now!

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