What happened at St. Luke’s, Part 4
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Might as well finish this entry since I’m on bed rest.
Here’s that itinerary again.

St. Luke's itinerary

After all our tests for the day, Dr. Cuanang and his team dropped by the room to tell us the preliminary findings, which were all OK, except for some high cholesterol Jeroen and I both had, which is funny because Jeroen eats healthy and I had three servings of bone marrow in the last month.

Room 705 suite, St. Luke's hospital
This is where Dr. Cuanang visited us

Jeroen and I still had one big hurdle to get through—the gastroscopy and colonoscopy the following day, which means they put you to sleep and insert a tiny camera inside your throat and anus to see your stomach and intestines.


We also had an abdominal ultrasound which meant nothing by mouth by midnight.
But first we had to eliminate everything from our colons. We were given oral laxatives, which came in pills + two huge bottles of chilled liquid that taste like 7-Up. We had to finish that within 30 minutes. While Jeroen thought it tasted great, I nearly threw up trying to finish them.
That evening, we took turns using the toilet. I can’t even describe to you the hell that was. It makes me smile now but it was really horrible.
Thirst and fear took turns torturing me, I don’t know if I slept at all.
The next morning after showering, we went down for the stomach ultrasound. My throat was scorching. I thought I would faint as my thirst reached Temptation Island levels. But we were not allowed to eat or drink because following the ultrasound was the gastroscopy and colonoscopy = pure suffering.
This entry is so hard to finish because I’m reliving the horror. I think I need two more parts, sorry.
(To be continued)

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