What happened at St. Luke’s, Part 3
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Let’s have a look at that itinerary again

St. Luke's itinerary

After our lunch at Bizu, I was off to the mammogram, which I thought would be nothing as I had had one previously at Makati Med in 2005.
Mind you, I did not have a pleasant experience at Makati Med. The breast clinic is really old and unfriendly.
I wouldn’t call St. Luke’s breast clinic friendly either, but at least the machines are super high tech.
This was Makati Med’s breast clinic in 2005 (I’m guessing it hasn’t changed)

waiting at the breast clinic

This is St. Luke’s, Bonifacio Global City


I consider myself lucky to be flat-chested. I feel no pain doing mammo, even as they stretch and flatten my already flattened chest to a pancake.
It was the ultrasound scan that got to me. The scanner is super high tech, I can’t describe it. It’s like a robotic scanner that goes on top of a stretchy film on top of your breast. This one scared me to death because they kept repeating one area and the technician wouldn’t talk to me, even when I asked for a clue. I prayed my chaplet many time. I started to imagine scenarios, and thought particularly about my friend Rita who recently survived a mastectomy at St. Luke’s.
This one was particularly draining. After the mammo, I asked my wellness guide Erika if I could go back to the room for a rest before the next procedure.
Ok, I wanted to cry. I found Jeroen back in our room having a break before his prostate scan, and I just broke down and freaked out.
I think I had only 40 minutes to rest before Erika picked me up for my PAP smear and transvaginal ultrasound, which was not that scary.
After this I really wanted to go home at this point, but I was only halfway done.

(to be continued)

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