What happened at St. Luke’s, Part 2
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So they handed me my schedule


Jeroen and I had the same schedule up to lunch, then he was pretty much done after one more ultrasound, while I still had a string of female tests to be done.
We started with a blood pressure check, then the blood extraction, which already scared me.
After this, fasting was over. I was so relieved to be allowed to eat and drink. Jeroen and I proceeded to that airport lounge thingy where we both had bread and water.


We ate in the computer section


ECG was next and took only five minutes. The X-ray was the easiest thing on earth.
Then there was this lung test which scared me because I’m really paranoid about lung diseases. Jeroen and I aced it.
Next was the stress test where they take note of your heartbeat while you walk on an inclined treadmill. I reached up to level 4 and Jeroen up to level 6. I could’ve gone on longer, if I weren’t so starved. 🙁
They let us go for lunch. I was really dying for comfort food, so Jeroen and I agreed to go down to Bizu in the hospital. I had carbonara and Coke.

(To be continued)

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