Best Miss Universe reaction: Bed Manila
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Remember when Venus Raj made it as a Miss Universe finalist in 2010, and this reaction video of the gay designers’ sleepover became viral?

This year, the pageant was held in Russia at 2 AM Manila time. Our cable was down and the hubby was sleeping anyway (can’t make noise). Luckily I found a very clear livestream in Lithuanian.
For the last couple of days, Manila felt heavy and gloomy, even though we didn’t feel the full effect of Typhoon Yolanda. It was generally a depressing day. So at 2 AM many of us stayed up to watch the pageant, in hope that a Philippine victory would lift our morale.
As I watched in bed under the sheets, with only a laptop and headphones, many other Filipinos got together for a Miss Universe viewing party.
Now watch as the audience at BED—Manila’s premiere gay club, known for their Madonnathons, Kylie and Britney nights—made a collective sigh when Ariella Arida was announced the last finalist in Miss Universe 2013.

Beauty pageants. More fun in the Philippines!
Miss Philippines won 3rd runner up and that’s not a bad thing. Had she won the crown, you can imagine an earthquake of 7.7 with BED as epicenter. And that would take the focus off two more important things: Yolanda victims and their rehab, and the trial of Public Enemy Number One: Ms. Napoles.

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