What camera am I using?
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I often get asked what camera I am using. The answer is, it’s always a Canon.
I have to add though that I have never been sponsored by Canon. I had a couple of meetings with Canon Philippines in which they offered to sponsor me, but nothing ever happened.
So you can be sure my endorsement of Canon is free and sincere.
The camera I am using right now is the Canon S120 which I bought at BIC Camera in Tokyo last month because my Canon S200 broke during my trip.

Canon S120

This was the Canon S200 I really liked and purchased at Narita Airport last May 2014. Unfortunately it conked out due to lens failure. Fortunately I have a warranty card, which I am sending to my friend Sayoko in Japan. I hope they replace it.


Prior to the Canon S200, I was using the Canon S95 which I still keep as a backup. I have tried the Canon S100 and S110 and didn’t like any of them.

Canon s95

These are the best lowlight cameras out there. I rarely use a flash and have a very steady hand. I take more than one picture to be sure, and I hang the camera on my neck while traveling so I don’t miss a moment.
As for purchasing Canons, I suggest you check for the best prices and have them shipped to Manila via Johnny Air.

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