Welcome to our studio, Part 1
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This post is dedicated to Rob Bryan de Jesus, who has been eagerly waiting for my next blog entry.
The truth is, I’ve developed asthma, and have been trying to catch up on work after my trip to Japan, which still has to be blogged.
Sometime in 2008, Jeroen and I walked into a showroom and I fell in love with a small studio space at Shangri-La Place. At that time it looked like this.

Model unit
Model unit

Jeroen was so skinny 🙂

Jeroen and The Secret
Model unit
Model unit

There was even a small kitchen

Kitchen in the model unit

We could only afford a studio apartment at that time. Jeroen decided to make it an investment. We made the payments and in 2009 we got turned over our unit. Much to my disappointment, here’s what we got:


Completely different layout. Kitchen is exposed on the left.

entrance inside

Cheap-looking cupboards


Unacceptable bowl toilet and shower

shower 2

Substandard closets


This is the only corner of the room I liked

Inside unit

We decided to hire Kellyn See and Rex Gapuz who I met online as Kellyn reads my blog. I hired them on the basis of their bathroom designs. Kellyn trained under Ed Calma while in the Philippines, and the couple spent a few years in Milan studying and honing their craft.
They are currently living between Sydney and Manila. We are still working with them on our home renovations.

(To be continued)

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