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The hot weather in Manila has made me reminisce about the cold weather, so I decided to write about Amsterdam, my second favorite town in the Netherlands.
Amsterdam is only 20 minutes by train from Utrecht Centraal. It costs about 5.5 euros to get there—so easy, as Mich Dulce showed me one time.

Amsterdam Central Station

Check out the sosy Burger King at the station

The most sosy Burger King in Amsterdam

Some other modes of transportation: the Dutch tuktuk with the good-looking driver

Dutch tuktuk

The horse and carriage


and the boats


As soon as you leave the station you’ll see many interesting shops such as Options! which sells bike, home, and baby accessories, as well as stationery and furniture.

Options! Amsterdam
Options! Amsterdam

I bought a pillow here for my apartment, by a Dutch fabric design student

Options! Amsterdam

The store accepts credit and debit cards only—no cash—an unusual concept, presumably to avoid theft and hold-ups.
Next we searched for H&M Home, which I really wanted to go to.

H&M Home, Amsterdam

I ended up buying only three things in multiples for myself and pasalubong. The merchandise looks more interesting online than in reality

H&M Home

Tikal is one of the stores we just walked into because I spotted some oil-cloth bags on display

Tikal, Amsterdam

I almost bought the red gingham bag but Mich convinced me blue is cooler and more traditionally Dutch

Tikal oil-cloth bags

Love this

My Dutch valise
Inside valise

Literally bumped into my sister-in-law Joy at Cos!

Cos, Amsterdam

Dropped by our friend Paolo Basa’s flat by the canal. Haven’t seen him since the ’90s and he still looks amazing.

Paolo Basa in Amsterdam
The Last Supper
Paolo's Boy Bawang

(to be continued)

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