We love you more, Anderson Cooper
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Dear Andy,
I think I know where you are right now. If I were single with no kids, I might fly out there. But stalking isn’t my thing.
Not since Adrien Brody stepped into Manila have I felt this way.
I’m kind of happy you’re gay because I can’t stand the thought of you dating a girl with pwet-length hair (see Adrien’s girlfriend).
When you were stuck in a Manila hangar because you couldn’t fly to Tacloban, I felt frustrated for you.
When you were in Tacloban, I wondered where you slept or what you ate. My girlfriends and I were worried sick about you, on top of being depressed about the situation in the Visayas.
I hope you’re getting good sleep now and we will be sad to see you go.

I’ve been watching CNN everyday for years. It’s either CNN or ANC that keeps me company while I’m working.
I love the way you come in and wear a dark grey T-shirt while you’re working for the world’s greatest news network, in my opinion.
And I love how you handled the Korina issue. I have nothing against Mar or Korina, but what you did is something we don’t see in the Philippines, where celebrities bash and fight it out on TV (or in this case, radio) Twitter or Instagram.
As Teddyboy Locsin said, you didn’t have to explain yourself, but you did anyway. And we love you more for what you said about our people.
Thank you.

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