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Mind your own stuff and beware of dropped coins.
My sister lost her carryon, handbag and all its contents at the Berlin airport when she used the restroom and asked her co-worker to watch her stuff.
A man dropped some coins on the floor and people helped him pick them up. That was when my sister’s stuff disappeared. Imagine losing your passport, wallet, cash, credit cards, gadgets, everything, on a trip?
Good thing her husband was there to for moral support and help her make the calls.
While they were taking a train to get a new passport to the Hague, they got a call from the police. Someone had dumped her passport in the trashcan. At the very least it was a blessing to get that one back.

Thieves have no conscience. Be careful even during mass.
In 2005, my uncle suddenly died of a heart attack. While the wake was going on in Malate, some friends and relatives gave envelopes to my tita, who put it inside her handbag. During the mass, her bag was stolen, adding more salt to her wounds.

Not all thieves lurk in squalid, crowded places like Divisoria.
Last night, TV personality RJ Ledesma lost his backpack containing his Mac and other valuables while hosting a wedding at the Peninsula Manila. He had entrusted his stuff to the wedding organizers, who failed to keep an eye on it.
Luckily the hotel’s CCTV captured the thief entering and exiting the Pen with RJ’s backpack.
Unfortunately it’s going to take a miracle to get his stuff back.
Let’s see.

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