Watch Miss Universe 2015 in Full HD
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Finally I got to see Pia Wurtzbach win Miss Universe in full and in HD. I was just waiting for someone to upload it because I didn’t get to watch the full show live.
I was a kid when Margie Moran won in 1973. I remember the adults playing mahjong at home and the TV stations playing this over and over.

In 1974, Miss Universe was held in the Philippines. It was the biggest thing ever. I became a fangirl, collecting newspaper clippings in scrapbooks and collecting pictures bought at Unimart.
Amparo Muñoz won, and I was hooked.

I stopped watching because we didn’t win for many years. I would watch a few minutes then move on when Philippines was eliminated. This year was different.
When I woke up in the morning, Miss Philippines was already answering the final question for the Top 3.
I still didn’t think she would win because Miss Philippines has had so many close calls these past few years and has never won.

What happened on December 20, 2015 will go down as the most memorable Miss Universe ever, when Steve Harvey came up onstage to apologize for announcing the wrong winner. At that moment I was so happy to be Filipino and watching TV.
Pia Wurtzbach may have been deprived of a proper Miss Universe crowning moment, but because of it, she is bigger than ever and will be remembered for it.

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