Was Taylor Kitsch harassed in the Philippines or Indonesia?
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I got numerous tweets and comments from last night’s entry, I-Cringe: Taylor Kitsch Tells NAIA Experience To Letterman.

Some of the valid points raised:
1) “Think everything twice first people. If the great Oliver Stone indeed was filming Savages, with an ensemble cast, in the Philippines, it should have made bigger news than The Bourne Legacy. This is Oliver Stone we’re talking about!
I heard Savages is being filmed in Indonesia, where there is an equally problematic corruption situation. Maybe Letterman confused our country with Indonesia and Taylor had no opportunity to correct him. But then again of course, this does not avert the fact that Philippine Customs has a very bad track record when it comes to transparency and good governance (read: KURAKOT!).” — Comment from a reader

My note: I wish these commenters would write their real names so I can give them credit. Pero oo nga naman. If these people were anywhere near the islands, all the stalkers and starf*ckers in town would’ve tweeted it already.


2) Check out all these Bali pics from the filming of Savages:

Taylor Kitsch (Chon), Oliver Stone, Aaron Johnson (Ben) and Moritz Borman (Producer)
L-R: Taylor Kitsch, Oliver Stone, Aaron Johnson, and Moritz Borman

Take note the airport signs behind Taylor Kitsch—so not Filipino

Taylor Kitsch in Bali

Take note, cast member Aaron Johnson with the locals—they don’t look Filipino to me
(P.S. No offence, mas maganda tayo ng slight)

Aaron Johnson with locals

3) Commissioner of Customs Ruffy Biazon certainly did his homework. Read his blog entry which should put the matter to rest. CLICK!

P.S. I don’t think it’s necessary to demand an apology. I think we should just stop talking about it. And you?

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