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Hello, we are jetlagging!
It is 2:10 AM in Manila and my sons and I are wide awake.
At 12:44 AM earlier I placed an order at
Within seconds I received this reply on my BlackBerry:


While waiting for my phone to ring, I took the boys to the kitchen to turn on the lights and set the table.
One hour later I called 86236 to follow up on our order. The guy who answered the phone (Erwin) said he would ask someone to call me back on the matter. Nobody did. So I called again 86236 and spoke to the same guy.
I was already angry and telling him I placed the order an hour ago and we are starving. He then said they had just received my order now (as in, one hour later) and take note, I have to wait another hour for the order to come. That means our order would’ve come at 2:44 AM. Tama ba yon?
I went absolutely nuts, I can’t tell you.
Normally other companies like Shakey’s give your order for free if they’re one hour late, but McDonald’s Delivery said I would still have to pay for an order that would have been two hours late, thank you very much.
Thank God, Markus had the initiative to take a pack of rookwurst out of the chiller, which we microwaved and ate with some rice.

Rookwurst at Hema

I’ve used McDelivery many, many times, and while this isn’t the first time they screwed up, this is the first time I’m not getting any food. I wonder, are your call center agents sleeping on the job?


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