Wanted: Linked In for household help
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How I wish they had taught us Life Lessons at Assumption, instead of Physics or Trigonometry, which I hated and don’t even remember or apply today.
I wish they had told us that cooks sometimes steal food. As in, on Saturdays when they do the marketing, they meet their husband in the market and slip them a bag full of uncooked meat from our marketing money. Or they meet their husband at the corner store near ULTRA and slip their husband a bag of uncooked meat from our freezer.
No wonder sometimes there would be no bacon or chicken breast at home for the kids when I could’ve bought it before it ran out—if only the cook would’ve informed me.

So our cook of four years—the one I had trained at 25 Mushrooms, the one Jeroen and I personally trained, the one I sent to Chef Sumet Sumpachanyanont of Mandarin Oriental, the one whose rent I paid on top of her salary, and who owes me money—had to be let go.
The driver snitched on her with a caught-in-the-act video. Then she snitched back about the driver, which unearthed tons of horror stories from our past employees.
A new driver was easy to find, but a good cook is difficult. Where do we find a good, honest cook who doesn’t steal?
I wish there were a Linked In for household help. I’m sure there are tons of people there looking for jobs. There has to be a good, trustworthy cook out there who needs a job.
But there are problems that could go with a household Linked In—like pirating each other’s cooks or yayas. It could be one hot mess.
Or maybe someone should open cooking school just for women who are wanting to be household cooks?
God please send us a good cook. We are really nice and pay well…

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