Wake up Noynoy
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While you were sleeping last Wednesday, there was a huge traffic jam in your congested NAIA Terminal 1—you know, the airport that bears your father’s name? It took me 45 minutes to go through Immigration!


We should be so lucky that foreigners even visit our country. But I can tell you what they’re all thinking when this picture was taken—I can’t wait to get out and I’m never going back. Take that, Secretary Lim.
Does anybody care about this airport? Why don’t you government officials just do away with all your VIP escorts and go through the airport just like regular passengers so you know what it’s like.
The airport is HORRENDOUS. If I were the President and my father’s name was on the airpot, it would not run like this and it would have Duravit toilets!
If my father were the Secretary of Tourism, I would bug him no end until something is done to rectify this horrible suffering called NAIA Terminal 1.
If I were Kris Aquino with senatorial ambitions, I would exercise Imeldific powers to fix this stupid airport.
Did you know that when you arrive you now have to fight for a trolley?
People have to wait in line now to get the next available trolley. What the hell is going on??


If I were in charge, I would have decent airport shops, like Team Manila, Havaianas, Starbucks, Watson’s, Buffini, instead of those shops that sell freaking BOY BAWANG. No offence to Boy Bawang, it is a wonderful, addictive snack, but does no wonders to our tourism industry.
And so Mr. President, bigyan mo kami ng kahihiyan. Bigyan mo si Ninoy ng kahihiyan. Please do something about this horrendous shame that is NAIA Terminal 1. When the hell are you going to open Terminal 3???

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