Wagyu burgers for Father’s Day
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In my experience, Dad is harder to find a gift for than Mom.
As a girl, I really have to guess what men want. I’ve given up buying stuff for my husband because he’s really a simple guy.
Or maybe he’s complicated. I can never can tell if he will like this shirt or that shoe.
When he left this morning, he said he would take the Simple Guy quiz in the car.
One thing he does love are steaks and burgers.
Just like my Dad. If burger is on the menu, he’ll have that. If it’s Wagyu, so much the better.

Jones wagu beef burger with chips

For Father’s Day, Melbourne Prime now offers 100% Premium Australian Wagyu Burgers as a new addition to its Wagyu range.
The burgers are finely textured with a rich Wagyu flavor.
At 180 g. per portion, they’re large enough to satisfy even those with a hearty appetite.

The burgers are easy to prepare. Even at the last minute you can cook them straight from the freezer.
Just pop them into a hot, smoking pan, cook until juices run clear—which means they’re well done (or to 75ºC if you have a digital thermometer). Apart from being convenient, cooking from frozen also means you get a nice, crunchy crust.
Serve with your favorite toppings and enjoy.

Melbourne Prime’s Signature Wagyu Burger Gift Box is available at Php 2,975.
What’s In The Box:
A stack of seven 100% Australian Wagyu burger patties
Murray River gourmet salt flakes
Melbourne Prime’s own legendary burger seasoning
A portion of choice French Brie cheese (Quick tip: pop a couple of slices on the burger patty while the last side is cooking so you get that nice cheese “melt”.)

fathers day final 2

Father’s Day is fast approaching, so order your gift box by emailing or messaging them on Twitter or Facebook.

You can also buy them at the Melbourne Prime store, open Monday to Friday from 10 AM-6 PM only.
Ground floor, Marajo Tower
312 26th Street corner 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Tel: 403-4273 • (0917) 885-5000 • (0917) 848-7813

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