Tummy troubles and Yin & Yang
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It started it Hong Kong. I don’t know if it was all the bone marrow + steak + fresh orange juice I drank like water + the best salted caramel chocolate by Jean-Paul Hevin.
But by the time I was on the plane to Manila, I had diarrhea. It’s a good thing I carry a medicine kit. I took Diatabs and made it on the 90-minute flight home without doing a Gerard Depardieu on the plane.

Bone-in ribeye

Craftsteak’s bone-in ribeye and roasted bone marrow

Grilled bone marrow

When I got home, I had food hangover so I tried to recreate roasted bone marrow without the help of my chef husband.

Roasted bone marrow

It tasted like heaven! But perhaps undercooked.
I didn’t know you’re supposed to “soak the cleaned bones/marrow in cold salted water in the fridge overnight or up to 24 hours,” like Market Man says.
I had the worst stomach ache the next day. I spent a harrowing time on the toilet, like I’m giving birth, sweating buckets and praying to God to save me, help me.
The next day I ate crazy things like ice cream and I ended up pooping an alarming green foam (sorry).
Then there was this feast at Mamou—twice. The most sinful steak in Metro Manila.

Mamou steak

I can’t tell you what happened next in the toilet for three days. Only I’ve been really sick, I decided to give up meat for a while. I’ve also given up Coke for the last six days and counting. I’m going to have a wellness checkup at St. Luke’s during this coming long weekend.
Yesterday I visited my friend Princesse Fernandez at the Yin & Yang shop at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Yin & Yang at Mandarin

Princesse, her mom, and aunt are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I talked to them about my medical problems and asked if they had anything that would help. They suggested two strands of crystals (I can’t remember what they’re called). The third strand is obsidian, to ward off negativity, which I’ve worn for a month and actually worked.
I decided to go ahead and buy the two health strands.


The reason for this blog post is for the first time in a month, I woke up with no stomach ache.
I swear to you, 30 minutes after I wore the bracelets, my stomach started to calm down. As Paris Hilton would say, it’s amazing! When I took them off, I felt weird again. So I slept with the bracelets and feel OK this noon.
Princesse also gave me a feng shui reading on my house and explained why money and good people have been coming in steadily this year.
This I didn’t know—our house faces the Northwest = wealth, while our headboard faces the Northeast for romance!!


In January 2001, Princesse gave me a pink fertility egg a couple of months after I got married.
While my doctor seriously doubted I could conceive  due to retroverted uterus, multiple cysts and  myomas, I missed my period soon after receiving the egg. That same year I had Ben. Two years later I had Markus.
I thought of giving the egg to my cashier friend at Metrobank who had been trying to conceive for six years.
When I saw her again about five years ago, she already had a daughter.
I told her to pass on the egg to someone else in need.
I’m so Catholic and old school, that’s why it took me a while to accept things feng shui. But I can tell you now the universe is so complex, so many things going around we cannot explain. When religion and science don’t have answers, there’s this thing called feng shui that doesn’t hurt to try.
You can consult with Princesse at Yin & Yang at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. She is seriously one of the nicest persons you’ll ever meet.

Yin & Yang is open Monday to Saturday from 1-7 PM at the Mandarin Oriental Manila
Call 752-5882 or email

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