Tried & Tested: Smart’s new Php 1288 smartphone!
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It’s so much fun to be part of the Smart family. I know that sounds showbiz but how would you like to be invited to dinner at the Shangri-La, The Fort and find this on your plate?

Smart's new phone

Most of my seatmates were pretty chill. But I have low EQ so I immediately opened the box and downloaded the new Smart Life app from Google Play.
It has four tabs: Perks, where you can get deals and discounts such as these

Screenshot_20160718-211812.png Screenshot_20160718-220324.png

Videos and music, where you can stream movies and songs for free

Screenshot_20160718-211818.png Screenshot_20160718-211824.png

and Games, which my boys would love.


Currently on its initial phase, the app will roll out more exciting features such as top-rated content from D5 Studio and sports coverage of FIBA and the upcoming Olympics

As an Android user, I found the phone easy to use, while iPhone user Kathy Moran next to me was scratching her head. The phone I received was already preloaded with essentials, like Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Instagram, iFlix, Google, Gmail, YouTube, Spinnr etc. so I started tinkering with it, even as PLDT and Smart Chairman and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan came onstage to introduce their latest offering—the Smartphone Prepaid Kit at only Php 1,288.


Wait a minute! Did he just say Php 1288?? That’s when I freaked out. How can this phone be Php 1288?

Smart's new phone

The hoarder in me immediately thought: I want to buy ten units. I want to give to all my maids and drivers because last Christmas the phones I gave them (another brand, on sale) turned out to be duds.
As soon as I got home, I went online to check if the Smart phone by Starmobile was available. I was able to order ten units. I paid by credit card and the first batch arrived last week.
Online the price was Php 1388 because it came with a prepaid card worth Php 100.

Smart's new phone

The maids are so happy! Like Smart, I believe in equal opportunity when it comes to connectivity.
Our helpers sacrifice so much to make our lives more comfortable. Thank God for services like Viber and Facebook, they can stay connected with their loved ones back home.

Our maids

“Smart has built a legacy of bringing mobile innovations into the life of all Filipinos, and with the digital wave upon us, we have come up with innovative products and services to bring the real-life benefits of connectivity to as many Filipinos as possible,” said Mr. Pangilinan.

“Our multi-pronged efforts range from bringing the smartphone to the hands of more digital newbies, to providing the most awesome content for young digital natives, to making sure that everyone will enjoy the best data experience. Our goal is to make sure no one gets left behind by this digital shift,” said Smart Wireless Consumer Operations Head Katrina Luna-Abelarde.

At Smart event

For questions and concerns about mobile data and Internet, Smart introduces Marty the Smarty, who can be accessed via or Twitter @askmartysmarty.
This is in addition to the @SMARTCares Twitter account that provides live feedback and a faster response system to Smart customers.
To know more, go to

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