Tried & tested: Greenwich Pizza Thins
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“What do you love most about the Philippines?” I asked Jeroen when we were dating in 1997.
(Hmmm….I though he would say me…)

Around 2:30 PM, I still look for merienda. Especially when I’m writing.
Dinna and I were working at home last week when we decided to try Greenwich Pizza Thins.
Since I was already online, I just went to this site and ordered all five flavors: Signature Special, Hawaiian, 7-Cheese, Pepperoni, and All-Meat.

Greenwich pizza thins

It was 2:37 PM.
At 2:48 PM, I received a text message from Greenwich confirming my order. I was impressed that nobody called to bug me and repeat everything I ordered. I would really like to cut the middle man when ordering food, so I love this.
The pizzas arrived at 3:20 PM.

Greenwich pizza thins
Greenwich pizza thins

They were still warm. We didn’t have to heat up anything. This was our pizza buffet.

Greenwich pizza thins
1) Pepperoni • 2) Signature Special • 3) All-Meat • 4) Hawaiian • 5) 7-Cheese

And yes, there is a cracking sound when you bite into it.
The best thing about a thinner pizza crust is it doesn’t “compete” with the toppings. A thicker crust can sometimes be too filling or overwhelming, while a thin pizza crust is firm and crispy.
The 9” Double size is good for two people. There’s also a 12” Barkada size.

My favorite was the 7-Cheese pizza, with mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, blue cheese, queso de bola, special cheese and cream cheese. If you like salty and sweet, you’ll enjoy this with ice cold Coke.

Greenwich pizza thins

Hawaiian, a Filipino favorite, has ham and pineapple chunks. Dinna liked this, because of the interplay of sweet and salty.

Greenwich pizza thins

The Signature Special has 10 premium toppings of meat, vegetables and cheeses.

Greenwich pizza thins

The All-Meat has pepperoni, ground beef, salami strips, Italian sausage and bacon.

Greenwich pizza thins

And the Pepperoni is spicy and savory.

Greenwich pizza thins

Choose the better pizza and #CrackThat with Greenwich Pizza Thins.
Order online or call 5-55-55.

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