Tried & Tested: Dyson Pure Cool Link
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I’m one of those people who friends and family say are hard to find gifts for.
I won’t deny it though. But when I get something I really like, I won’t hesitate to show my appreciation.
One of the best things I received this Christmas was the Dyson Pure Cool Link which I found happily standing by the Christmas tree.


Let’s tell the truth here: beauty and function are not easy to find in home appliances. That’s why I love Dyson.
Lately I’ve noticed I’m getting more of the itchies. I’ve been getting mysterious bites.
Among my three sons, Chris is the one with the most allergies and sensitive skin. I have to make sure his room is cleaned thoroughly with all the junk and toys he collects.

But Bobby Yan, communications director of Whiteplanet Inc., which distributes Dyson in the Philippines, explains that allergens are everywhere, even in the cleanest homes.
Major indoor air allergens include gases from cooking and central heating, mold, dust mites, pet hair and pollen.
“These allergens are invisible to the naked eye so no matter how clean your home is, you won’t be able get rid of them. They are ultra-fine and airborne,” said Yan.

So what are other indoor pollutants? They include things we use every day such as scented candles, antiperspirants, deodorants, household cleaning materials, and more.
Dyson Pure Cool Link purifies the air inside our homes by removing 99.95% of indoor allergens and pollutants as tiny as 0.1 microns. Most purifiers can only catch up to 2.5 microns but Dyson can capture even those that are invisible to the naked eye.

“The Dyson filter uses a unique 360-degree HEPA filter and borosilicate fibers, which are super compacted so they trap the tiniest allergens,” says Yan.
The filter also has activated carbon, which removes contaminants from vapor streams. Carbon’s large surface area per unit weight allows contaminants to adhere to the activated carbon media. The filter is also capable of intelligent purification, meaning there are sensors inside the machine that can detect air quality at home, which you can monitor on your phone through an app. The filter is replaceable and can last up to one year if used for 12 hours every day.

Design and function in one product

Let’s not forget that this bladeless fan is still an electric fan and it cools the room. What I love about it is how lightweight it is. I can easily lift it from place to place without breaking my back.
How I wish they had these when my boys were little and I feared fan blades so much. Dyson Pure Cool Link makes it easier for parents to be less anxious when there are small kids in the house.


Plus, it has this cool magnetic design where you can stick the tiny remote to the top of the fan so you can always find it. I lovett.


The fan has long range projection to circulate the air across a spacious room and the Quiet Mark seal, which measures the world’s most quiet products. The fan is also engineered for night long purification and cooling so you can save up on electricity costs.
Because we sleep in a high-ceiling bedroom, my husband and I have always used an electric fan to bring the temperature—as well as the Meralco bill—down. Trust me, it works!

There’s a Dyson Link app, which you can download from Google Play or the App Store, allows you to monitor the air quality in your home, even when you are not there. The app shows you immediately if the air quality in the room where the fan is in is Poor, Fair or Good. You can see the days and time when air quality is poorest and schedule purifying at that time. Aside from this, the app also works as a remote control.


Dyson Pure Cool Link is available at Dyson stores.
Check out Dyson’s Greenbelt 5 store for the complete line of available products in Manila or go to

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