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So my new(ish) car is coded on Wednesdays. It took me a while to remember that, and I still forget sometimes and have to grab an Uber.
Oh, and the Universe usually gives me what I want.

Two months ago, I decided to go on a diet. The goal was to drop 20 lbs. Many people have been asking me how I did it, but I do not want recommend because of the suffering.
Basically it’s a combination of starvation, cycling, a fat burner, and that’s not all.
It’s hell, but I’ve lost 14 lbs.
Six lbs to go.

Speaking of being coded on Wednesdays and slimming down, it was really a wish granted when Maxinne Ignacio of Big Day Slim Team asked me if I would like to try their home spa again.
It was like Universe giving me a gift.

Big Day Slim Team

Big Day Slim Team is on my list for noninvasive slimming treatments. They’re a home-service team that can do a spa set up in your home. They come complete with a spa bed, candles and other props to make it a complete experience.
Maxxine Ignacio, who owns Big Day Slim Team, purchased her machines from Korea.
“We use multiple paddle sizes, pulse frequencies and techniques to cater to specific problem areas such as the face and neck, arms, middle section and thighs, while considering your unique body type, lifestyle and Big Day deadline,” said Maxxine.

Maxinne Ignacio
Maxinne Ignacio

Maxxine, a former beauty writer for a glossy magazine, started the business in 2014 after she realized how traffic and stress could ruin the otherwise relaxing spa experience for people. She flies to Korea regularly to scout new treatments for Big Day Slim Team.

The company’s name—Big Day Slim Team—means their services are perfect for specific goals.
For example, you could be down to your last extra five or 6 lbs. or you could be struggling to make sure that bridesmaid’s dress will fit you properly for your sister’s wedding. You could also be a bride who’s stress-eating because the wedding is three weeks away.

What I’ve been doing is Lipocavitation, which removes fat in problem areas, tightens and tones skin, too. It doesn’t include surgery and/or injections.
Prices for Lipocavitation at Big Day Slim Team also start at Php800 for 20 minutes (face and neck).
After this, we do Radiofrequency (RF) treatments to tighten skin. RF can be done for the face, neck, arms, thighs and abdomen. Prices start at Php800 for a 20-minute face and neck treatment.

Big Day Slim Team

For unwanted hair, Big Day Slim Team also offers IPL hair removal for legs and underarms.
While Big Day Slim Team’s specialty is weight loss treatments, they also offer massages, facials, mani-pedis, hand and/ or foot spa treaments and waxes.

Packages are personalized for clients. There are special packages too for brides and debutantes.
Big Day Slim Team can also be booked for “sparties”, bridal showers or as a gift for your special friends and family.
You can get discounts for packages and more than one area treated in one day.

Big Day Slim Team

Big Day Slim Team accepts appointments from 9 AM to 9 PM from Tuesday to Sunday (daily, except Monday). Please book 1-2 days before your scheduled session.
Call or text (0939) 831 3822

So yes, I’ve been looking forward to my Wednesdays at home.
To know more, go to
Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram @bigdayslimteam.

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