Tried & Tested: Belo’s new mobile app!
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There seems to be a misconception that boys can be left raise themselves. I personally feel bad whenever I see a young boy that needs a haircut or needs to be taught how to shave, cut nails, clean ears, what to wear, or go to the dentist.
Boys need a lot of help. They need to be taught how to use the toilet as well as respect women, elders, household help.

I am very conscious of my boys’ needs. I remembered a mom I met a couple of years ago through Vicki Belo, whose teenage son had the clearest skin. She told me Belo took care of him, so I made a mental note.
When my son Ben turned 13 last year, his skin became problematic, so I took him to the Belo clinic in Greenhills.
During the first appointment he was very scared, but the staff and Dr. Guada were so nice, he quickly became comfortable with the environment. Now he looks forward to his treatment every three weeks.

Ben at Belo Clinic

Ben’s skin has improved tremendously after three sessions. He’s nowhere near perfect skin, but at least he doesn’t look like a leper anymore—just kidding! No offence to lepers 🙂
But going to Belo every three weeks can be stressful for me because I don’t want to be late. Once we were late and missed an appointment. You can never tell with this traffic…
So today after Ben’s treatment, I forgot to set our next appointment.
Luckily, Belo just recently launched a new app that will allow you to make an appointment through your Apple or Android phone.

Belo app

I just downloaded it an found it easy to use! Just waiting to receive a confirmation.
Aside from making an appointment, you can check out which Belo treatment suits you, and get updated on the latest promos. You can also find the Belo clinic nearest you.
If you’re a member of Belo Privilege Club, you can log in and get access to special features like selecting your doctor and keeping track of points.

Getting Belofied just got easier. To know more about the app, click HERE.

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