Tried and tested: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ reviewed
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Growing up, my parents were really frustrated whenever we would, say, eat at Kimpura and everyone would order fried rice and I wanted plain.
From a very young age I knew what I wanted and I grew up not wanting what everyone had. It wasn’t a conscious effort to be a pain in the ass. That’s just how I am or how God made me???

Most people are suprised to find out I don’t use an iPhone. My first computer was an Apple Macintosh, way back in 1984. I have always used Apple computers, but for some reason I never got into the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone. When it comes to phones, I still prefer Samsung.

My love affair with Samsung phones started when Jeroen’s business partner gave me a Samsung Galaxy Note back in 2012. At that time I was a BlackBerry user and didn’t care if I was the last BlackBerry user on the planet—I just loved the keyboard I could feel with my fingers.
I decided to use the Samsung Galaxy Note as my second phone because of the apps, bigger screen, and pen. I was also thrilled when I was finally able to join the world of Instagram via Android.

Today I am a full-fledged Samsung phone user. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a sleek and sexy phone. I just love the high-tech wrap screen!! Jeroen’s business partner gave me one and I really found it gorgeous, but a bit small for my big hands. So when Samsung offered me a Galaxy S6 edge+ to review, I grabbed the offer.
Couldn’t wait and opened it in the car.

Samsung S6 Edge phones

First I transferred all my data from the Galaxy S6 edge to the Galaxy S6 edge+ via Samsung’s Smart Switch App.
No need to connect to a computer. So easy, I did it in my car.

Samsung S6 Edge phones

Next I went to the Samsung store at SM Aura in search of a cover. Not much choice at the moment but I’m glad to have found a classy blue cover. I lovett!

Samsung edge+

It was Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano who taught me about Samsung’s keyboard swipe feature that made me finally give up the BlackBerry. It works like this:

As a blogger, I’m very particular about the quality of photos I published. I always carry a little Canon camera in my bag, but there are times that the battery will conk out or I’ll forget it. I’ve found that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ takes fantastic pictures. Just check out these photos from my phone


No need for flash


Mouth-watering food shots

crispy pata

Other features worth mentioning:
1) If you’re into selfies, it has a Beauty Face Feature that allows you to take flawless photos of yourself.
2) Fast charge. I’ve noticed that it takes much faster to charge the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.
3) It has dual SIM. First time for me to try it out.
4) I don’t know what they did to the screen, but it doesn’t get oily with fingerprints!

I lovett. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ retails for Php 39,990 (32GB) and Php 44,990 (64GB).
To know more about its features, click HERE.

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