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Some readers have asked me to review three things: the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the Samsung Galaxy camera, and Rimowa luggage. Let me start with the luggage before I take on the gadgets.
One of the things I love about blogging is how I get to learn stuff from readers everywhere.
Like Rona, who suggested I convert our hot concrete roof into a green roof, when I wondered how to renovate our roof deck.
Another thing I learned from a reader is Rimowa. First things first, someone told me the German luggage brand is pronounced “ree-mo-vah”, which is a tongue twister to me.
Rimowas are very expensive. I was able to buy my first one using gift checks from Adora. I chose a big black one.
What convinced me were three basic things: sleek design, the convenience of four spinner wheels, and its lightweightness.

Love, Rimowa

Four spinner wheels are great, especially if you have so much luggage. They are easier to handle, push and pull, even without a baggage cart.
Six months after my first Rimowa, I discovered the trunk version, which appealed to me because of how it opens.
Most Rimowas open in the middle, so you have two equal compartments to pack. It can be tricky if one side is heavier.
The nice thing about the trunk is opens on top. Most of the weight can be placed in the bottom, while things I don’t want crushed get stored on top, using a mesh divider.

Rimowa trunk

What I like about the trunk is it’s easier to keep organized if you don’t have time to unpack. It takes up less space than the regular luggage when opened on the floor.

5 luggage, 30 kilos overweight, no charge :)

The trunk comes in two sizes. I have both. The smaller one is for shorter trips with no shopping involved (read: Tagaytay). The bigger one is for traveling abroad.
Since I shop a lot, I usually bring three extra Eagle Creek duffels because I don’t like having to buy extra luggage abroad.
The Eagle Creek duffel packs small

Eagle Creek duffel

and expands to this. They are super durable.

Eagle Creek duffel

To date I have three Rimowa trunks. The large black Rimowa I gave to a friend.

Our luggage

I have never had a bad experience with Rimowa. Never had it dented. Except one time when I overpacked, I broke its zipper (my fault) but it was repaired for free in Manila.
They are easy to clean. Once in a while I peel off the airport stickers which leave a residue, which can be easily wiped off using Goo Gone (available at True Value).
On my wish list is one more Rimowa trunk, which I’m saving up for. I prefer a large trunk in Pearl Rose, which is extremely rare. I had seen them at Greenbelt before, but someone beat me to it.
Rimowa trunk in pearl rose
To find a Rimowa retailer in the Philippines, click HERE.

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