Is Livestock’s crispy pata worth the hype?
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Lechon is one of my Top 5 favorite foods. But lechon you can’t have everyday, unless your mom is Mila of Mila’s lechon.
One good alternative to lechon is porchetta, which I used to buy at Rustan’s Shang. Business used to be good until their heating lamp got busted. Nobody bothered to fix it and people stopped buying and it eventually closed.
So another alternative would be crispy pata. We don’t really look for crispy pata but decided to try Livestock’s after seeing it on Andrew Zimmern’s show. Watch:

(U.S. viewers can watch HERE)

On Holy Wednesday, Grace and I decided to take my boys to Livestock in Quezon City for lunch.
Like most restaurants in the area, it’s huge and looks like it used to be a house.

Livestock QC

They have a cool looking bar and Grace and I were amazed at their very cool musical playlist.

Livestock QC

One order of crispy pata is Php 650. At first I thought it seemed expensive, until it arrived and it’s a big one!

Livestock crispy pata

Initially, we ordered two but it was so good, we ordered another one, which we didn’t finish but took home instead. We also ordered liempo and sisig, but were disappointed with bastardized versions of the classic Filipino dishes.
Conclusion: just stick to crispy pata and rice.
Oh, they don’t serve Coke so I asked my driver to buy me a can outside. Because crispy pata without Coke and rice is not worth it (for me).

Bring your own Coke

At first the waitress said they would charge me corkage for the Coke (they only have Pepsi) so I raised an eyebrow and they didn’t charge me. Of course I would’ve paid had they asked me to.
On Holy Saturday we were back for dinner with Jeroen, Patrice and the boys.
This is how it looks at night

Livestock QC

We ordered salad, fried chicken, and three crispy patas. It was a too dark to appreciate what was in front of us

Livestock crispy pata

I suggest you come in the daytime because crispy pata has many nice parts that are good for picking with your fingers.
Markus liked the chicken and Patrice said the salad was OK.


But Jeroen and I agreed—as did other friends—that crispy pata is the only thing worth ordering at Livestock. Well, that and a huge plate of rice.

Here’s why I think it’s good:
1) It is really cooked to perfection. Not all crispy patas are crispy. I have had kunat pata before. This one is crispy all over but tender enough to cut with the tongue depressor it is served with.
2) I love the skin but my kids like the meat. It has many good parts, even when you turn it over, so best to go at daytime where you can see all the goodness.
3) You can also see the seasoning (read: pepper) even under the skin and I like that it’s tasty all over.
4) Their sauce is really good.
5) The portion is really generous. One order is good for two to three people.
6) It comes out really fast. While most restaurants take 30 minutes to serve crispy pata, this one comes in just 15 minutes. So even when you’re starving, you don’t have to wait so long.

Livestock is at 34 Sgt. Esguerra Ave. Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City.
Walk-ins are welcome but you can also reserve at (02) 332 0409.
For more information, like them on Facebook.

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